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Bulgarian Baba Vanga Who Predicted 9/11, Brexit Had Said Putin Would Rule the World

In the midst of Ukraine’s invasion by Russia, it has suddenly become almost impossible to ignore a bad prediction made by a weak eye but a respected visionary made decades ago. When Father Vanga, a Bulgarian, told author Valentin Sidorov that Russia would become ‘lord of the world’ while Europe would become ‘territory’, the world accepted him because this lady was not a joke, reports the Birmingham Mail 2018 tell. He had a success rate of 85 percent of his predictions with the rise of ISIS, later 9/11 attacks and more in essence, Putin’s rise to power.

“All will melt, like ice, only one remains without the future of Vladimir, the glory of Russia,” Vanga’s father said in 1979, according to the report. In 1996, Father died at the age of 85. “No one can stop Russia,” he said. After Putin first took over the presidency of Russia in February 1999, he has since dominated Russian politics and played a key role in international affairs.

Interestingly, in addition to predicting the 9/11 attacks, Father Vanga, born in the village of Vangelia Pandeva in Strumica, also predicted Brexit a few years ago. He predicted that by 2016, Europe would not be in its current shape. On June 23, 2016, the United Kingdom voted to withdraw from the European Union, as predicted.

Vanga has made thousands of predictions throughout her 50-year career, even though she was blind as a child due to a hurricane. He predicted in August 1999 that Russia’s small ship Kursk would be flooded and the whole world would mourn. The submarine sank in the Barents Sea in August 2000, killing all on board. Vanga also seems to have predicted that Donald Trump would be the next President of the United States and that as the “45th President of the United States,” he would face a catastrophe that would bring “the country down.” However, his prediction of Barack Obama becoming the last President of the United States is a mystery. While he also predicted World War III on the “100th anniversary of the visit of our Sister Fatima”, he also predicted that China would become a world power in 2018.

Called the “Nostradamus of the Balkans”, Father Vanga’s words are a delight to all of us as Vladimir Putin takes another step to elevate his glory.

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