Britney Spears Announces Abortion And Says ‘We’ve Lost Our Miracle Baby’ -by Ecork

Britney Spears Abortion: Britney Spears is already the mother of two teenage sons, Sean and Jayden.


Pop star Britney Spears said, in an Instagram post, Saturday, that her sudden pregnancy, which she announced last month, ended in a miscarriage.

“It is with great sadness that we announce that we have lost our miraculous child so early in pregnancy,” the 40-year-old singer wrote in a joint post with her partner Sam Asgari.

Spears announced the pregnancy in an Instagram post on April 11, saying, “I took a pregnancy test and oh well, I’m having a baby.”

The news came five months after a Los Angeles judge dissolved custody of Spears’ longtime father – an arrangement the singer said prevented her from having an IUD removed despite her desire to have more children.

Spears and Asghari added in their Saturday letter that they “will continue to try to expand our beautiful family… We kindly ask for privacy during this difficult moment.”

Spears had said in her post announcing her pregnancy that she would be lying down during the pregnancy to avoid the paparazzi, and that she had previously suffered from perinatal depression, which she described as “absolutely terrible.”

She is already the mother of two teenage sons, Sean and Jayden, with ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Asgari and Spears met in 2016 when they co-starred in a music video for her single “Spittle Party”.

After announcing their engagement late last year, Spears has since begun referring to her 28-year-old partner as her “husband.”

At the time Spears announced her pregnancy, Asghari said in a separate Instagram post that “Parenthood is something I’ve always looked forward to and never underestimated. It’s the most important job I’ll ever do.”

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