Boxer Neeraj Goyat lends helping hand to students stuck in Ukraine amid Russian attack | Other Sports News

New Delhi: Moved by the situation of Indian students screaming to leave Ukraine after the Russian attack, professional Indian boxer Neeraj Goyat is using his contacts in the war-torn country of Boxing to help the victims. are in trouble.

Goyat, who has traveled extensively to compete but not in Ukraine, said he has close friends in the country’s boxing community and said they are on hand to help the students. book standing in Lviv.

“This evening 32 students were safely transported to Poland by a transfer service which I managed to arrange by contacting Boxing Ostap (Boxing official). Another 14 are on their way to the Polish border from Lviv,” Goyat told PTI about your efforts.

The 30-year-old said he first created a WhatsApp group of “2-3 close contacts”, with the advertiser and logistics manager who has been involved in football tournaments of which he is a part.

“The team now has eight people and all I have to do is tell them about the students’ questions whenever the SOS call comes to me personally or through social media. The immediate response is from they are trying to set up logistics, ”he said. .

“They have helped guide students to shelters and prepared food for them,” the boxer added, sharing photos of students as they managed to escape the fight over the your social networking site.

The Indian government has also carried out a mission to evacuate students, most of whom are studying medicine, and special flights have been arranged for them by neighboring countries as Ukrainian airspace is closed.

“I posted on Twitter asking anyone who needs help to contact me. There is a friend of mine who has set up a residence near the Polish border in Lviv to help distressed students. It’s about 70km from the border. It’s a border. A long prison, “Goyat said.

Goyat is one of the most successful Indian boxers in the world. He has lost just two of his 18 battles.

“I thought to help after I learned about the pain and fear in Ukraine through my contacts. It would be nice if I could be of any use,” he said.

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