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New Delhi: Fintech company BharatPe on Wednesday said it has removed Co-Founder Ashneer Grover from all positions in the company.

BharatPe has also seen the involvement of the Grover family and relatives in the massive misuse of the company’s finances.

“The commissions will not allow the corrupt practices of the Grover family to tarnish the image of BharatPe or of hard-working and world-class professionals. As a result of his mistakes, Grover is no longer an employee, founder or director. a company, ”BharatePe said in a statement on Thursday.

Grover resigned from the position of Executive Director on Tuesday.

According to the statement, Grover family and their family engaged in extensive misappropriation of company funds, including, but not limited to, creating fake vendors through which they siphoned money away from the company’s accounts and grossly abused the company spending accounts in order to enrich themselves and. Fund their Lavish lifestyles, he said.

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