Best Sports Bikes in India 2021/2022

Best Sports Bikes in India 2021 


Do you want the best sports bike or need knowledge of sports bikes?


Then this article is for you. In this article, you will get complete information regarding sports bikes, and a tell you are buying guide. 


What is a Sports bike? 


Friends, sports bikes are the bikes that move faster which means having the power to touch top speed like 250 km/h. If you have to travel quickly from one point to another in minimum time, then a sports bike is for you. Let’s have a look at the buying guide.


Buying Guide 

Buying Guide


I have divided the buying guide into some steps which are easier to understand. Buying guide for sports bikes is:-


  • Have a fixed budget range


Before purchasing any vehicle or sports bike, you should have your budget range because it is essential. If you don’t have a budget range, then you will be confused about the showroom because they have different varieties of sports bikes. It makes you confused. So make sure to decide your budget range.


  • Fuel efficiency


As you know, in India the rate of fuel is increasing. Nowadays, we need a sports bike which takes less energy than usual.


  • Buy for your own


If your friend has purchased a bike and now you have to buy a bike, if your friend is forcing or asking you to purchase the same bike he has purchased, then don’t go with his comfort because he bought his comfortable motorcycle. You have your thinking and comfort, so you should choose or buy a bike for your convenience. 


  • Test Drive 


If you are purchasing any sports bike, then you should take a test drive/ride. As you are buying for the long term, it means you have to maintain and stay with this sportbike for at least three years. So why will you compromise for your test ride? Suppose you don’t understand a bike in one passage, so you should ride it 1, 2 times more. 


  • Long term expense 


There are many bikes which have high service costs like 10000 rs, 15000rs. This cost us more. Every month, we have to spend money on fuel, maintenance, and service. This cost extra so you should make estimated money spent on a bike for a year. This will solve your mind.


 If you purchase a bike, I don’t know about service and maintenance costs. If the maintenance cost is more than you expect, then it will be wrong with you. So make sure to see the maintenance cost of your sports bike before purchasing it. 


  • Resale Value 


If you have to sell your sports bike in the future, but its resale value is low, it will not be good. So you should purchase those bikes that have the best resale value. For any reason you have to sell your motorcycle, then you should get a reasonable resale cost. So remember to buy the best sports bike with the best resale value.


Things Before purchase


  • You should have a fixed budget.
  • Bike with good fuel efficiency.
  • It would be best if you bought it for your comfort.
  • It would be best if you took a test ride.
  • Bikes with low service costs.
  • Bikes with good resale value.


I hope this buying guide was helpful for you. Now we should move on to the best sports bikes list.


1) TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

Friends, this sports bike is made by TVS. As you know, this is one of the oldest and experienced companies. 


TVS  Apache RTR 200 4V design is upgraded from time to time. It is better than VS6. After upgrading, the land lamb is looking proper, which gives a perfect look. This bike is available in two colors, black and white. 

In Apache RTR 200, you will get a 197 cc single-cylinder fuel-injected engine. With the machines, you will also get oil cooler technology. 


In this sports bike, the is of 20 Power. To make this bike,e TVS company uses a double cradle split synchro stiff frame. The main things you will get are KYB MonoTube Suspension; with these, you will get dual brakes and dual-channel and RLP Control. 


An additional feature you will get is the blue tooth to enable smart to connect. 


If we talk about the price of this bike, then it costs 1. 30 lakhs in the showroom. 




  • Have extra modes
  • Suspension
  • Connectivity feature 
  • Low Price 




  • LED light is too strong
  • They can break better.


2) Yamaha MT 15

Yamaha MT 15

MT 15 is a naked street bike from Yamaha. 


You can also say these bikes are the Yamaha 3 nude version. It comes in three colors. If we talk about its engine, then it has a 155cc single-cylinder engine. 


This bike is lightweight so that you can manage it properly in traffic


In this bike, you will get LED light, assist, and a slipper clutch. The best thing about this bike is you can customize whatever you want. 


Friends, in this bike Yamaha MT 15, you have one option to customize it. Yamaha company will customize the bike according to you. You have to tell them what to colors, and they will do. In customization, you can able to change colors, graphics, and many things. 


If we talk about the pricing of this bike, then the price of Yamaha MT 15 is 1.41 Lakhs in the showroom. 




  • Lightweight 
  • Best engine 
  • Good fuel efficiency




  • Bike is expensive 
  • Width quality would be good.


3) Yamaha FZ 25

Yamaha FZ 25

Yamaha FZ series sports bike was very famous. 


It is well-known now also. In this sports bike, Yamaha provides a large width tyer. This bike comes in 2 variants and five colors. 


If we talk about both the engine of this sports bike, then in this bike, you get a 249 cc single-cylinder engine. 


You will get a 5-speed gearbox and LED light and get comfortable with this sports bike. You also will get golden colors alloy, and you will get the digital console. 


In features, this bike is loaded; by now we will see pros and cons.


If we talk about price,, then the price of this bike is 1.34 lakhs in the showroom.




  • Good power
  • Comfortable
  • You can drive off-road
  • Best features




  • 5-speed gearbox, but it should be a 6-speed gearbox.
  • Vibration at high speed.


4) Bajaj NS 200

Bajaj NS 200

As you know, the price of sports bikes is increasing, but in under 1.5 lakhs categories, this is the best bike. 


Most people are purchasing this bike. In simple terms, it is people’s choice bike. 


In this bike, you will get a 199 cc single-cylinder engine. It has the best power with a 6-speed gearbox. 


Bajaj provides you a bike at a cheaper rate than others.  It has many features and an aggressive look at a lower price. 


It also comes with a dual brake and good LED Light. The cost of the bike in the showroom is 1.36 lakhs. 



  • Low rate 
  • Comfortable
  • Many features
  • High power
  • Good engine 



  • Not build properly



Which sports bike is best for daily use?

If you want a sports bike for daily use, then TVS Apache RTR 200 4V. This is the best bike for everyday use. One of my friends has a TVS Apache RTR 200 4V.

Which is a stylish bike in India?

Earlier, I have told you about Yamaha MT 15, which is a stylish bike. You can try a test ride.

Which bike engine is best in India?

Apache RTR 200 4v has the best engine in India.





In this article, I have listed two sports bikes. One is TVS Apache RTR 200 4,v, and the second is Yamaha MT 15. These two-bike have their pros and cons. According to me, TVS Apache RTR 200 4v is better than Yamaha MT 15. 

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