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Australian Restaurant Owner’s Clapback to Influencers Asking For Free Meals Goes Viral

Angered by operators looking for free meals in exchange for promotion on their social media page, the response of a restaurant owner to a similar request by a micro expert on Instagram has gone viral. The restaurant owner shared screenshots of the professional message with his angry response to it with restaurant critic John Lethlean. John, who wrote about restaurants and restaurants for The Australian, then shared screenshots on his Instagram account. According to screenshots, Instagram user Elle Groves approached a restaurant owner who said she and her friend were working on a ‘two teaspooon’ food page on a social media platform. The woman asked the owner if they could try their food “in exchange for some stories on personal accounts, and posts and stories on our food blog posts.”

Angry by the word, the restaurant owner then chooses to respond to the bully with a lengthy note instead of confronting his question. “I have struggled with a lot of anger to show off / throw in your direction,” the owner wrote.

When he noticed the woman, the owner wrote that coming to a restaurant to get free food without even knowing anything about it, was not appropriate. It shows that small business owners like him have already been hit hard by the pandemic and are trying to revive it. The landlord said that such unimportant questions could cause such a person to have to start another business on his weekends to bring an end to the restaurant staff.

In its long-awaited release, the owner emphasized the losses incurred by businesses due to the pandemic two years ago. He also consulted a counselor with a few tips “instead of collaborating”. The consultant first gathered a large number of followers so that they could help the restaurants they wanted to collaborate with. He emphasizes that the director may consider paying for the foods they want to have and increasing the quality of the content on their food page. He even urged her to support the “damaged industry” by posting stories about restaurants for free.

The respective response recently went viral on Instagram and caused a lot of reactions by users in the comment section. “Very polite and on site feedback,” one user wrote while another said, “The response is overwhelming.”

Recently, there has been a growing trend where social media operators reach out to businesses for collaboration. Most of these operators are looking for free food and drinks from cafes and restaurants in exchange for many posts on their site promoting the site. However, while some owners welcome such collaborations, others see this as a way to get free meals.

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