Arya Babbar Gets Into Heated Argument On Flight

Aryan Babbar was on the GoFirst flight when the incident took place.

Actress Raj Babbar son of Arya Babbar has shared a video of an incident on the plane where he had a verbal altercation with the pilot. The video, shared on his Instagram account, shows the actor interacting with GoFirst pilot, formerly GoAir, about the comedy.

We see the pilot telling Babbar that he does not like comedy in which the actor says that the pilot is not fit to fly the plane.

Arya Babbar denied it and said the joke was intended for his friend.

“I heard you say”Yeh Kya chalayega (How will he fly a plane?) ‘”was heard the pilot talking to the actor during a conversation that took place outside the aisle.

Babbar replied that this was not what he told his friend and partner. “I only told him”Bhai ye abhi space hai? (Has he just arrived?) ‘. ” The actress asked if the pilot did not want people to joke around.

He also accused the pilot of “showing off his strength” by calling him a cock. “If you have a problem, you should come to my seat,” Arya Babbar said in the video.

The actor asked the pilot if he wanted to get off the plane. The pilot replied that he had not told her this at all.

The pilot then pulled his hand but Arya Babbar shook his hand saying, “I do not want to touch you. You want to show your strength and you want me to get up from my seat and come over here and talk to you when you have a problem. “

Big captioned his post “Sensitive Pilot”. “@ g8.goair @gofirstairways Go Air fine people if they laugh,” he said in the post.

Many users praised Aryan Babbar and recounted their bad experience. Some of them, however, joked that you should not irk a pilot during a flight.

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