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Ukraine is home to a giant with wings known as the Antonov An-225, called ‘Mriya’ designed during the Soviet Union. We have heard the names of giants living many times. But since the world’s only An-225 has disappeared, the name will probably not be heard again, until, of course, a new one is built. Remember aircraft, we have mentioned here all the capabilities that add to the uniqueness of the aircraft. Here is all you need to know about Antonov An-225 Mriya:

Check out a photo of the Antonov An-225 here!

Since Antonov was introduced, it has been known for its amazing size. You can tell how big it is by the fact that its wings are capable of carrying six turbofan machines. The only thing that can accurately describe its size is a word in its nickname ‘Mriya’. The word in Ukrainian means ‘Dream’ or ‘Inspiration.’

Coming to the exact numbers on the ring, it has a length of 84 meters from nose to tail. For better understanding, it has the ability to dwarfing longer aircraft such as the Boeing 777-9, 77-8 and Airbus A340-600 at 76.7, 76.4, and 75.4, respectively. The Lockheed C-5 Galaxy, with a length of 75.3 meters, is the closest moving aircraft in length.

If the length of the plane makes you wonder, wait for the wings. Only Hughes H-4 Hercules and Stratolaunch Composites Scaled can match aircraft wings of 88.4 meters. With a maximum handling weight of 650 tons and a load capacity of 250 tons.

As long as the length and wing of the aircraft are specified, it will not be eligible to leave altitude. An-225 at an altitude of 18m. To give you a glimpse around the heights of a six-story building.

Considering the amazing size of the aircraft, it is not difficult to guess that the aircraft has created world records. However, the international records of the aircraft depend on its cargo capacity.

An-225 was designed to transport aircraft, ‘Buran’ orbiters from its landing site to Kazakhstan, but was delayed after the Soviet Union collapsed. When he re-launched the industry in the twenty-first century, he found himself used to carrying a large number of commercial goods. You are able to break records as a result of this.

Coming to records on paper, in June 2010, it delivered two wind turbines for China to Denmark, making it the world’s longest wind turbine (42.1 meters). The An-225 also set records for a single largest freight carrier (189-ton producer) and a maximum payload load (189-ton producer) (four tanks total 253.82 tons).

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