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‘Anonymous’ Hackers Rename Vladimir Putin’s Yacht and Send it on Course to ‘Hell’

As Russia’s offensive continues in Ukraine, members of the hacking group Anonymous have targeted Russian President Vladimir Putin for the war. According to Bloomberg correspondent Ryan Gallagher, a group of Anonymous hackers changed the name of Putin’s luxury yacht from Graceful to “FCKPTN.” . and made it appear as if the ship had struck Snake Ukraine. ” The reporter also wrote that the hackers even turned the end of the $ 97 million boat trip to “hell.” He even shared a few screenshots from the Vesseltracker website which showed how information about Callsign small boat, destination and location was tweaked.

In another tweet, Ryan shared that the group that hacked the law firm was related to the Anonymous command called ‘The Anon Leaks’. Ryan said the team shared with him the way they changed the details of the small boat.

“I was told that they were made by a marine manipulation” Automatic Identification System “, which was used to track ships,” Ryan wrote.

He also revealed in a subsequent tweet that a group of hackers aim to bring the small boat under the “end of the sanctions” and to reverse the trend during these dark times.

According to a report by The Independent, the hacker group recently posted a German blog. In the post, they said Russian banks and services have also been hit with cyber attacks. However, they say that these attacks alone “will not destroy the kingdom.” The hackers also stressed that the attacks were not aimed at the Russian people or its military but only its commander and government control groups and companies including the media.

‘Anonymous’, the hackers’ joint, announced a cyber war against Russia in support of Ukraine on February 25. According to a Trade Insider report, hacktivists shut down or slow down Russian government websites including the Kremlin, Duma and the Center of Security. , as well as which is the official website of the state-run television network. Twitter users came out in support of the Anonymous initiative. From “I love when Anon enters chat” to “of course we expect you”, Twitter can find rooting for a general war against Russia.

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