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Anand Ranganathan, Alastair Stewart Spar Over India’s Abstention on UNGA Resolution

Anand Ranganathan, Alastair Baldwin had a Twitter spat. (Photos: Twitter)

A Twitter handle going by ‘Barrister’s Horse’ tweeted a voting record that showed India’s abstention on a UNGA resolution involving Russia-Ukraine crisis. The spat broke out from there.

India on March 2 abstained on a UN General Assembly resolution that condemned Russian aggression in Ukraine amid escalating conflict between the two countries. This is the third abstention coming from India in less than a week in a UN resolution involving the crisis between Russia and Ukraine, reports Economic Times. The General Assembly was voting to reaffirm its commitment towards maintaining the territorial integrity of Ukraine and also meant to deploy “in the strongest terms” the Russian aggression against the country. A Twitter handle going by ‘Barrister’s Horse’ tweeted a voting record that showed India’s abstention, among others like Pakistan, China, and Bangladesh.

Responding to the voting record, GB News presenter Alastair Stewart tweeted, “Pretty predictable but India and Pakistan should hang their heads in shame and, henceforth, receive not a penny piece in aid from the UK.” His statement got backlash from Indian author and Swarajya consulting editor Anand Ranganathan, who tweeted: “This butler probably doesn’t know that in 1947, Britain owed India 1.4 billion pounds, that it finally returned in 2001. The only thing you muppets are good at is showering yourselves with hollow titles, like OBE, where E stands for Empire. Where’s your empire now, schmuck WDTT (sic) “.

India faced flak from US lawmakers, both Republicans and Democrats for choosing to abstain from a UN vote on Wednesday to rebuke Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. A total of 141 nations voted in favor of the move condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and five nations were against it, with 35 countries, including India, abstaining. The UNGA resolution was similar to the one circulated in the 15-nation Security Council last Friday, on which also India had abstained. The UNSC resolution, which received 11 votes in favor and three abstentions, was blocked after permanent member Russia exercised its veto.

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