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An Indian man has been jailed for trying to seduce a Singapore police officer -by Ecork

Singapore: An Indian man accused of being involved in an accident while intoxicated (Representative)


A Malaysian Indian man on Thursday was sentenced to four weeks in jail and fined $ 5,000 (SGD) for attempting to bribe a Traffic Police officer for his role in an accident when he was drunk.

Krishna Rao Narisama Naidoo (34) was involved in a motorcycle accident near Pioneer Road on November 21, 2021, the Corruption Investigation Bureau (CPIB) said in a press release.

When Senate staff Sergeants Muhammad Azhar and Sergeant Firhan Abdul Rashid arrived at the scene, Mr Naidoo admitted to Sgt Firhan that he had been drinking.

He submitted an SGD 50 note to Sgt Firhan asking him to “please help”, according to a report by Channel News Asia.

The staff continued to interview him and conducted a spiritual analysis, which failed. Sgt Firhan conducted a personal investigation into Mr Naidoo and placed him under arrest.

“In a personal search, Krishna took an SGD50 note from his pocket and gave them money to Sgt Firhan, as an attempt to withdraw to investigate him for traffic offenses,” CPIB said, adding that Sgt Firhan did not accept the gift. .

The case was reported to CPIB.

Naidoo, a Malaysian national, was arraigned in court on February 16 for corruption. In addition, he was also guilty and was convicted of drunken driving and reckless driving as a serious offense.

“Singapore adopts strict river tolerance towards corruption,” CPIB said.

Anyone convicted of a felony could face a fine of up to SGD 100,000, imprisonment for five years, or both.

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