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An Artist Imagined Leonardo Da Vinci, Mona Lisa Using AI and Results are Fascinating

Advances in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) reflect what our future may look like, but the ingenuity of this technology also gives us a glorious past. Instagram posts Hidreley Diao will show you how historical characters would look like if they were alive today. Diao, a contributor to Bored Panda online magazine, used a combination of Photoshop and three other software – FaceApp, Gradiente and Remini – to create his own illustrations.

If you are wondering what historical characters like Joan of Arc would look like if they were alive today, Diao’s recent work may give you a better idea. Diao’s work adds human resources to historical figures larger than life whose stories have been passed down through the ages. French warrior Joan of Arc who fought for the French king disguised as a man to sleep in a tree in the 15th century may be a normal girl in modern times. Diao’s illustration depicts Joan as a little girl dressed in a short bob-cut dress with bangs.

The Brazilian actor also used his AI skills to recreate Italian polymath Leonardo Da Vinci. In an Instagram post shared on January 1, Diao shared a new version of Leonardo wearing a down-shirt and sporting all white hair and a beard.

In another Instagram post, Diao featured an AI version of the famous Egyptian queen Nefertiti. The queen of Egypt and the wife of King Akhenaton played a key role in the conversion of the Egyptian police force into a single religion, worshiped in the 14th century by the sun-god Aton. Sharing the post on Instagram, Diao also captivated his old audience as he asked, “What if Queen Nefertiti lived in our day?”

Not only historical characters are interested in Diao’s creative endeavors but many game characters as well. Diao has shared AI games of many cartoon characters as a real-life person. From Disney princess Jasmine to Princess Moana, everyone looks pretty much real.

Have you checked Diao’s Instagram posts yet?

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