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All You Need to Know About the Majestic ‘Shrimp Tails’

Japan is a rich place with a rich culture that attracts many tourists from all over the world. However, in winter, the country offers a unique view to visitors, these are ice monsters, also called Juhyo in Japanese. Naturally created snow monsters are called ice monsters or tongues because of their appearance and are found on Mount Zao in Japan every winter. According to the newspaper Hidden Japan, the Zao Mountains are a forest with fir Marie, a rare tree that belongs to the Japanese mountains. These trees are hard by nature and easily resist the violent winds that blow through the area.

As the region witnessed Siberian storms from late December to mid-October, 2-3 meters of thick snow covered the mountains and clumped over the tress well, giving them an unusual appearance of an ice monster . The retention rate of ice accumulation on the sea due to freezing temperatures is the result of Juhyo’s effect and gives different stimuli to the ice.

The monster-like trees, which reflect the wonders of nature, attract a large number of tourists to Mount Zao every year. The tourist attraction is accessed through the Zao Rope route which takes visitors on a trip over Juhyo forest. It goes to the highest ski resort Jizo Sancho and offers a spectacular view of the famous mountains and ice monsters.

For adventure junkies, they can also take the special Zangezaka Juhyogen Course which allows them to watch closely the icy giants through skiing between them. In addition, travelers can also opt for a trip between the ice monsters and observe the sharpness of the body closely.

However, Juhyo is a rare natural phenomenon that occurs only in a few areas in northeastern Japan that escalate as the weather warms up. Essentially, according to a report by The New York Times, researchers have also observed frequent damage in planting ice monsters due to climate change.

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