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The first MINI 3-Door Cooper SE all-electric is unlocked in India today, with an initial price of Rs 47.20 lakh (previous demonstration room). During the pre-launch period in Q4 2021, all available units as fully integrated unit (CBU) were sold out. MINI India will deliver the cars to its pre-existing customers from March 2022, earlier than promised. Reservations for the next phase of deliveries will start from March 2022.

All-electric MINI 3-Door Cooper SE

The MINI 3-Door Cooper SE paves the way for the future of the MINI as a distinguished ‘Electronic E-commerce Experience’. All electric MINI 3-Door Cooper SE is the first model to combine electromobility in the urban system with MINI signage. The size, shape, space and ambience of the interior is based on the powerful MINI 3-Door Hatch.

The car design combines modern aerodynamic lines with new eye-catching details. The ‘Energetic Yellow’ accents hit further and further enhanced its unique look on the road. The sleek, captivating front grille has been given a very modern interpretation, embodying both MINI history and future.

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Different lighting fixtures are followed by new side-scrolling side scuttles housed in LED displays and Energetic Yellow ‘S’ logo. Mirror hats in Yellow Power with new design elements of the outside Piano Black give even more individual appearance.

Exclusive 17 inch / 43.18 cm Electric Power Spoke alloy wheels are machined in Energetic Yellow to complete the all-electric MINI design. The asymmetrical speakers take them in a unique shape and it is aerodynamic optimization to improve performance. The car is available in four unique exterior colors – Silver White, Midnight Black, Moonwalk Gray and Green Racing Green.

The interior comes with exclusive MINI Electric interior fitting and gaming seats with Soft / Leather Upholstery in Black Pearl / Carbon Black. The new multifunction steering wheel in Leather Nappa integrates more functions yet reduces the number of control points.

The new 5-inch / 12.7 cm Multifunction display feature in the glossy Black Panel design provides key driver information. It extends through the 8.8-Inch / 22.35 cm high resolution, full color touch screen. In addition, the sound control unit and function keys for risk alerts and driver assistance systems are integrated into the unit control unit.

Well-connected light lines and fields create an ambient light that sets the right mood for all drivers. The ‘Yellow Energetic’ accent pulls on the start / stop rotation, gear lever and unique badge on the door handles.

MINI Electric produces 184 hp / 135 kW and maximum torque of 270 Nm, electric MINI sprints from 0-100 km in 7.3 seconds. Rotating yet silent, the all-electric MINI offers a completely new driving experience. It is powered by a battery capacity of 32.6 kWh and a driving range of up to 270 km.

MINI all-electronic first fully integrated fixed profile feature with MINI Wired Package with Navigation System, Wireless Charging, advanced Bluetooth mobile setup, Multifunctional Display, Apple CarPlay and Harmon Kardon Hi-Fi Speaker System.

The MINI Driving Mode allows an individual vehicle schedule to focus on ride comfort, sport improvement or performance according to driver choice. In addition to the standard MID mode, there is a selection of SPORT and GREEN mode. Driver Assistance Systems include Boat Control, Park Distance Control, Rear Viewing Camera and Tire Monitor.

The standard safety equipment on the MINI includes front passenger compartment, Brake auxiliary, 3-Point seat belts, Rotary Stability Control, Crash Sensor, Anti-Lock Braking System, Brake Cornering Control, Flat Tires and Camera-Views. Standard MINIMALISM technology includes automatic start / stop operation, stop power recovery, active cooling systems and electric power steering.

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