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The regional watchdog on February 23 said planes should stop flying over any part of Ukraine due to the risk of an unexpected shooting or cyber attack that targets air traffic control between tensions with Russia.

Airspace Safety, which is designed to provide security information and a disaster area for aircraft after Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine in 2014, says it has increased its risk to “do not fly.”

“Despite the actual deployment of Russian troops into Ukraine, the level of tension and uncertainty in Ukraine is extreme,” Airspace Safe said on its website. “This in itself poses a serious threat to public transport.”

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Russia has closed some airports in the Rostov airport information area east of its border with Ukraine “in order to provide security” for civilian aircraft, according to a statement from air traffic controllers. Airports in Dnipro, Kharkiv, and Zaporizhzhia in Ukraine are closed for traffic until the morning of February 24. No reasons were given for the closure.

The separatists in Ukraine demanded on March 23 for Russia’s help in resolving the “anger” and Kyiv declared compulsory military action and a state of emergency as the West struck more sanctions on Moscow in a bid to end the hostilities. -exit.

The United States, Italy, Canada, France, and the United Kingdom have all advised their airlines to avoid an airfield above northeast Ukraine and Crimea but so far have remained short of total revenue. says it expects the update guide to be published soon.

The US Federal Aviation Administration said in its new directive on March 9 that border conflict between Ukraine and Russia could be a direct or indirect threat to civilian aircraft. Lufthansa of Germany suspends flights to Ukraine from February 21, joining KLM which has already suspended flights.

Two Ukrainian airlines last week revealed problems in securing security for some of their aircraft as foreign airlines began to avoid national airspace as Russia increased its military might at its border. Most planes also fly over Ukraine on February 24.

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