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On March 27, two Air India departures, one from the Romanian capital Bucharest and the other from the Hungarian capital Budapest, carrying 490 Indians detained in Ukraine landed at the airport. Delhi, government officials said.

India on February 26 began the evacuation of civilians detained during a Russian military operation in Ukraine, with the first departure flight, AI1944, returning 219 people from Bucharest to Mumbai in the evening.

The second release aircraft, AI1942, left Bucharest with 250 Indians and landed at Delhi airport around 2.45 am on February 27, officials said. The third flight of Air India, AI1940, departed Budapest with 240 Indians and landed at Delhi airport around 9.20 am on February 27, the officials noted.

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An Air India spokesman said the airline’s fourth release flight was expected to arrive from Bucharest to Delhi with investigators on February 27. The spokesman said the spokesman planned to send two planes to Bucharest and Budapest February 27 days so they can work fifth and sixth. Evacuation planes but it is “all the highest tentative”. Minister of Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya Scindia welcomed the escapees of the AI1942 aircraft at Delhi airport by handing over the Roses to them.

Speaking to the returnees, Scindia said, “I know you all have spent a lot of time, a very difficult time, a lot of effort. But knowing that the PM is with you every step of the way, the Indian government is with you. every step., and the 130 crore Indians are with him every step of the way. “

Ukrainian airspace has been closed for civil aviation operations since February 24 when Russia’s military offensive began. As a result, flights from India operate in Bucharest and Budapest.

The Indians, arriving at the Ukraine-Romania border and the Ukraine-Hungary border, were taken to Bucharest and Budapest, respectively, by the way with the help of Indian government officials so they could get off the Air India planes these.

Scindia told passengers of the AI1942 aircraft that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in contact with Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelenskyy and that discussions were underway to bring everyone home safely. The minister said talks were also underway with the Russian government and that the Indian government would rest in peace only after each restricted India withdrew from Ukraine.

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“Therefore, please send this message to all your friends and colleagues that we are with them and that we will guarantee their safe return,” Scindia said. “I welcome all of you in the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I would like to congratulate the Air India team even, for the great effort to bring you all back,” he added. The evacuation planes Scindia told reporters at the airport that an estimated 13,000 Indians are currently being held in Ukraine.

“You know it is a very calm situation there (Ukraine). In this situation, we are talking to every Indian country, with the students, through communication,” he said. “We will bring them back soon. as far as possible, ”he said.

“The Minister of Civil Aviation Jyotiraditya Scindia was escorting the Indians who were flown back to Delhi from Bucharest by AI 1942 early March 27, early morning, working to evacuate the Indian nationals stranded in war-torn Ukraine. , ”The airline said. The Indian Foreign Ministry in Ukraine said on Twitter on Saturday that Indians in Ukraine should not move to any border posts without prior consultation with Indian government officials there using aid numbers.

“The situation at many border checkpoints is worrying and the Police Department is constantly working with our police stations in our neighboring countries for the liberation of our citizens,” he mentioned. The Indian Foreign Ministry in Ukraine said it found it very difficult to assist the evacuation of those Indians who arrived at the border checkpoints without prior notice.

He said living in the western regions of Ukraine with access to water, food, shelter, and basic facilities was more safe and sound compared to border checkpoints without inviting the situation.

“All current occupants of the eastern part are required to remain in their current accommodation areas until further notice, maintain order and stay indoors or in shelters as much as possible, including food , water, and any available resources to be patient, ”he said.

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