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On March 21st in the Dahod area of ​​Gujarat, on the Delhi-Mumbai road, a 30-year-old shepherd boy escaped an accident when he ran about a mile before hitting the vehicle. train, staff said. Dahod is part of the Ratlam division of Western Railway.

Ratlam’s Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Vinit Gupta called him to his office after learning about Baria’s behavior and praised his heart and speed, which prevented the accident.

Rakesh Baria was honored by the Ratlam division railway workers with a fine of Rs 5,000 and an index on Thursday, two days after the incident, they said.

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After being honored, Baria said that while eating his goat, he saw a train wreck in one place, then ran for a mile to raise the alarm, but could not find the driver. a train there.

“Then I called my father and told him about the damaged railway line. He tried to contact some railway workers on the phone, but he failed to do so,” he said.

Then, according to his father, he went to his nearby house and returned to the track with a red coat, he said. Baria said that later, he sat about two miles to the damaged track and started throwing red clothes on seeing a freight train. When the pilot saw it, he stopped the train using an emergency brick. After that, work of railway repair work began, he said.

Train crews say the damaged road has been repaired. A total of 125 trains – passenger and freight trains – pass on this busy road at a daily basis, they said.

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