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94-Million-year-old Fossils of Crocodile With Dinosaur in its Stomach Unearthed

A team of scientists has discovered the ancestor of modern crocodiles who are dinosaurs. The fossils of dinosaur-eating crocodiles were first discovered in 2010, after which the fossil was studied extensively. Now, the group has confirmed that the crocodile used to hunt on young dinosaurs. The study was conducted by palaeontologists at the University of New England, Australia, and published in the journal Gondwana Research.

Researchers use nuclear imaging technology to arrive at the result. The crocodile, Confractosuchus Sauroktonos, which translates as ‘The Broken Crocodile Dinosaur Killer’, dates back to the Cretaceous period and lived roughly 94 million years on land now in Queensland, Australia. The fossil found is a giant rock which is broken into rock fragments to collect the fossil.

One of the rock fragments was transmitted by neutron imagery early on, and after analysis, it was found that the crocodile’s belly contained the bones of a small dinosaur-sized chicken. It is believed that the young dinosaur is an ornithopod whose species has not yet been identified. “In the first scan in 2015, I saw a bone buried in there that looked like a chicken bone with a hook on it and immediately thought it was. A dinosaur.

The human face has never been seen before, however, and, as it were, it is, it is completely free. we do not know where the bones are. However, using 3D images from Beamline Imaging and Medicine, an image was created by performing high-quality scan using X-ray synchrotrons. “The results are amazing in providing the whole picture of the crocodile and the last meal, the young dinosaur who digested part,” Dr. Bevitt said.

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