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70-year-old Mummified Body Found After Two Years in Italy, Sparks Loneliness Debate

On February 6, authorities in Italy found the body of a 70-year-old woman inside her home in Prestino, near Lake Como in northern Italy, two years after her death. The sister, named Marinella Beretta, died in 2019 at her kitchen table. With friends and relatives talking to her, Beretta falls into a trance. The Court of Appeal has recently shown a rise in opposition within Italian society.

Beretta’s departure has indeed forced Italian society to address his brief case. In a Facebook post, the Italian family and the Minister for Equal Opportunities, Elena Bonetti wrote, “What happened to Mrs. Marinella Beretta in Como, a forgotten ignorance, heartbreaking. Remember their life is the responsibility of the community you want to embrace together. ”Bonetti urged Italians not to limit their views to private and return to healing the links between themselves. “Caring for ourselves is an experience of our families, businesses, and citizens: no one should be left alone,” Bonetti added.

Speaking to Euro News, the director of the Italian Psychogeriatric Therapists, Marco Trabucchi, said the pandemic had done more than just worsen the already dire situation for the Italian population. “The elderly are not affected by locks, and we do not have data indicating an increase in severity,” Trabucchi adds that older people are only present before the pandemic and continue to be alone even after it. He also added that the promotion only among the Italian people is also symbolized by the profound cultural change that has taken place in the last few decades. The rise in social media platforms and virtual platforms has had a profound effect on traditional social networks. He also mentioned that Italian society has a fast growing population with a large number of adults.

According to Trabucchi, social institutions such as churches and even secular institutions, which once held people together, are dying, and society is growing into “selfishness. only increasing. ”

Giving an insight into how Italian society perceives violence, Betty Balzano, founder of the nonprofit Definition Center told Euro News, “Italians are always ashamed to talk about mental health as if it were forbidden.” Balzano added that anxiety is often the result of mental illness and addiction, which can range from eating disorders to stressful play, but yet people in Italy “do not even know the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. She is completely mad. ”

Only time will tell whether Beretta’s brief death could be the wake-up call of Italy.

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