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We open to Badhaai Do. iteriba: YouTube)

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Since its inception, cinema has been one of the most effective forms of communication. This, in turn, makes it the perfect vehicle to send a strong social message across languages. In Bollywood too, films have been around for a long time to educate and entertain audiences about important issues. New on the list is the new release Jayeshbai Jordaar. The film, titled by the versatile Ranveer Singh, deals with issues such as male discrimination, the legality of sexual orientation and sexual orientation. If you enjoy the film for a balanced balance of entertainment and educational programming, we have compiled a list of similar films that deal with complex social issues.

Here is a list of movies with social messages that deserve your attention.

  1. Badhaai Do – Netflix

Badhaai Do follow the story of a gay policeman and a lesbian teacher who enters a lavender wedding to free their families. The film highlights the challenges that members of the LGBTQIA community face in society and how differentiated family support and acceptance can make.

  1. Article 15 – Netflix

This starrer Ayushmann Khurrana is based on Article 15 of the Country as the name suggests. For those who do not understand, Article 15 prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity, sex, or place of birth. The film depicts the impact and extent of caste-based violence in India with Ayushmann as an IPS employee Ayan Ranjan discovering how the benefits of his caste have left him with a blind spot about the sufferings of those in attendance. around him.

  1. Pink – Disney + Hotstar

Before the MeToo group pete in India and other parts of the world, Shoojit Sircar briefly but forcefully pint aim at home. Titled by Taapsee Pannu and Amitabh Bachchan, the film also goes into issues such as the racial harassment of Indians from the North-East under and the rights of women.

  1. Toilet: Ek Prem Katha – Netflix

Toilet: Ek Prem Katha discusses the need to improve sanitation conditions in India and eliminate public pollution in parts of the country. Speaking with a perfect balance of humor and drama, this film is the perfect balance of social and entertainment messages.

  1. Padman – Netflix

Another Akshay Kumar film on the list is Padman. The film sheds light on lunar eclipses and menstrual cramps in the country. The film is based on the life of social activist Arunachalam Muruganantham from Tamil Nadu who created a low-cost sanitary napkin to promote monthly sanitation in rural India.

With these movies on your watch, we bet your final weekend will be educational and entertaining.

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