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3-year-old Identifying Pulses and Spices Like a Pro Wins Hearts Online

Abir knows his toor and the moon daal.

Video of a little boy identifying many kinds of daals and spices as a professional has gone viral.

  • Last Updated:March 28, 2022, 15:13 IS

Video of a three year old boy snatching the names of Indian spices and pulses like a pro capturing the hearts of netizens. He knew his black cardamom from green cardamom, he also knew various daal like chana, toor and moon which bothered even the elderly. The baby’s name is Abir and his video was posted by @sonikabhasin’s mother, who is trying to live a non-wasteful life. Your Instagram feed is full of lovely Abir videos. When this particular video became viral, Sonika posted another post saying that all praise went to her husband who was in the kitchen several times. “I just came in to shoot the videos,” he joked.

Sonika captioned the video, “Abir loves going to @adrish_lokhandwala to shop for accessories! And, of course, you know them all. “

Videos garnered over 482k views, 40.7k likes, and 355 comments praising Abir.

“Love how you raise your child. Thank you for bringing such a change in our society.”

“Very nice… Happy to see parents teaching their children… boys and girls alike to identify kitchen condiments and spices !!”

In another incident involving a small child last month, a boy who had not even exchanged two jewelry worth Rs 1.4 lakh online from Walmart on his mother’s phone. His father Pramod Kumar found it unbelievable that he did this, but he eventually renounced the fact that it had happened. Her mother Madhu Kumar, on the other hand, found her cute little baby antics rather funny. So how does this come about? It turns out Madhu has created a shopping cart with furniture pieces on Walmart as one does, but the 22-month-old tech-savvy decided to push things along. It was after the furniture started to come off that Madhu noticed that his wheel had been checked.

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