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19 Rajya Sabha MPs suspended day after action against 4 Lok Sabha MPs -by Ecork

Nineteen opposition members were suspended from the Rajya Sabha

New Delhi:

Nineteen opposition MPs were suspended from the Rajya Sabha for the rest of the week for disrupting the session today.

BJP’s Piyush Goyal said: “The decision to suspend the opposition representatives from the Rajya Sabha is a heavy one. They continue to ignore the pleas of the Speaker. “The government is ready for a discussion on the rate hike once Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman agrees came back to the parliament,” said Mr. Goyal, the leader of the house in the Rajya Sabha.

The latest round of suspension comes a day after four members of parliament in the Lok Sabha were dealt with similar action for the entire afternoon session, which ended on August 12, for withholding the recall cards in the house despite warnings by the Speaker. Om Birla to behave.

The House fell asleep for an hour today after the suspended opposition lawmakers left and continued to protest.

The action against the 19 Rajya Sabha MPs is likely to increase the opposition’s anger at the government over what they say is an attempt to silence those who question the government’s economic and social policies.

“This government has stopped democracy,” Trinamool leader Derek O’Brien told reporters today.

The suspended Rajya Sabha MPs are:

  1. Sushmita Dev, Trinamool Congress
  2. Mausam Noor, Trinamool Congress
  3. Shanta Chhetri, Trinamool Congress
  4. Dollar Sen, Trinamool Congress
  5. Santanu Sen, Trinamool Congress
  6. Abhi Ranjan Biswar, Trinamool Congress
  7. Md. Nadimul Haque, Trinamool Congress
  8. M Hamamed Abdulla, DMK
  9. B Lingaiah Yadav, Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS)
  10. AA Rahim, CPI(M)
  11. Ravichandra Vaddiraju, TRS
  12. S Kalyanasundaram, DMK
  13. R Girranjan, DMK
  14. NR Elango, DMK
  15. V Sivadasan, CPI(M)
  16. M Shanmugam, DMK
  17. Damodar Rao Divakonda, TRS
  18. Sandosh Kumar P, CPI
  19. Kanimozhi NVN Somu, DMK

Opposition members in the Rajya Sabha have been demanding an urgent discussion on issues like price hike and the goods and services tax, or GST, for the past several days, leading to disruptions in the house.

The opposition is demanding that discussions be held under Rule 267 (Rules of Procedure and Business Conduct in the Rajya Sabha). Under this rule, the matter raised is raised by suspending the listed business of the day.

“You can stop us but you can’t silence us. It’s a sad situation – our legislators are trying to contradict people’s words but they are suspended for how long will this continue? The sanctity of the house The parliament is standing still.Trinamool Congress tweeted.

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